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NEW YEAR DAY CAMP / GOODBYE 2019 / 12.30-01.03!

NEW YEAR DAY CAMP / GOODBYE 2019 / 12.30-01.03!


About the camp:

LOCATION: The Winter English day camp is held in two AKS branches in Vilnius - T. Ševčenkos st. 31 and in Kaunas - Lietuvių st. 1. 

DURATION: One full day camp shift takes 4 days, from Monday to Friday. No camp on Wednesday! You can also purchase separate days (25 EUR/ 1 day).

AGE: The camp is for 6-12 year old children; lessons are organized by dividing the participants into groups by level, outbound activities are carried out to everyone simultaneously. Please note that age limits in each group depend on the age of the registered ones - in one shift, it may happen that your seven-year-old will only be with peers, in another he/she might be together with six and eight year-olds.

TIME: You can arrive from 07:30 to 09:00 each day, the camp ends at 17:15 (Fridays 17:00), children can be picked up until 17:30.

Attention: If you are late to pick up your child after the camp, a one-time fee of EUR 5 applies.

FOOD: Children eat lunch at the café (included in the price of the camp), while brunch or other snacks are brought by the children themselves.

LANGUAGE: During the whole camp, English, and Lithuanian speaking teachers communicate with their children in English, and, if necessary, in Lithuanian.

PRICE: The price of the camp includes lunch and one excursion. The price of the camp does not include transport tickets and extra excursions (up to EUR 5 per person per excursion, usually one per shift).

The price of the camp depends on the date of registration. For registration it is only required to pay a deposit (20 EUR, not refundable). 

Camp’s prices by date of registration (the date of registration is the date of our receiving your 20 EUR deposit):

Registering after 01/12/2019 - 90 EUR

2019 - 2020 NEW YEAR CAMP SHIFT DATE (identical in all branches of AKS) IN VILNIUS AND KAUNAS:

December 30 - January 03  GOODBYE 2019


Register here

The date of registration is the date of receiving the deposit. The deposit is EUR 20 per shift (deposit payment is non-refundable). Upon receiving the deposit, we automatically reserve the place for you.

On the last Wednesday before the camp we send you a General Camp Contract, a Parent Consent Form, a Rules List, a Detailed Shift Schedule and a Camp Evaluation Questionnaire. All documents will have to be brought already filled in (or sent by e-mail beforehand) on the first day of the camp, and the assessment form have to be filled on the last day of the camp.

You can transfer the remaining amount of payment for the camp just before it or you can pay by cash when you arrive to the camp.

All participants of the camp are given a 20% discount for the English language courses in groups for one month of lessons per one attended shift. If you have attended two, three or more shifts, the discount is valid for more than a month.

You can view the photos of the past camps here:

We will be glad to respond to any questions you have via e-mail and phone, and if you come to us - live.

Let's meet during the holidays!