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English camps in Anykščiai #yoursummerinEnglish for 11-17-year-olds!

English camps in Anykščiai #yoursummerinEnglish for 11-17-year-olds!

Dates and times



Six days

Group size

Up to 50 participants


Depends on the date you register

#yoursummerinenglish 2021 camp season is over; keep an eye on our updates for 2022 dates (due 2021 Oct). 

If you're planning to visit us for the very first time, make sure you look up some pictures and stories from last years' camps on our instagram anglukalbosstudija  or look for #yoursummerinenglish. This will help you to get a better understanding of what to expect and calm you down, or so we hope :)


English summer camps in Anykščiai are for 11-17-year-old teenagers, most of them come from all over Lithuania, some from Latvia and Belarus. All camps take place in AKS Anykščiai campsites 1 and 2. Teenagers live in the tents they bring themselves. Each shift is led by at least four international camp leaders (up to eight on biggest shifts) and one Lithuanian senior teacher. Register early for the best price.

Our campers are explaining why they keep coming back to #yoursummerinEnglish camps:

ASSISTANCE FOR FOREIGN PARTICIPANTS: If you cannot find the information you need, please contact Aurelija on +370 627 24960 for the details in English or Dovile +370 672 40433 for the details in Russian). 

LOCATION: Anykščiai area, AKS campsite 1 or 2, both very close to each other (detached houses, far from everything). Approximately 110 km from Vilnius, 120 km from Kaunas, 75 km from Panevėžys, 20 km from Utena, 18 km from Anykščiai, 212 km from Riga and 307 from Minsk. The campsite is in an area full of lakes, four of them quite nearby - the nearest one a 7 minute walk away, the most spectacular - about 20 minutes away on foot. There is no shop in the proximity so bring everything you need. There are buildings on the campsite that may be used for sleeping or daily activities in case of terrible weather. Activities take place both inside and outside, depending on the weather. 

TYPE OF CAMP: #yoursummerinenglish camps are not physically intense; the main element in our camps is communication without the phone or the internet, building a team and a group, creating a safe space for everyone, accepting different values and attitudes, establishing a close and warm relationship with camp leaders. This camp also has strict CAMP RULES that you are advised to read before booking this camp.

LANGUAGE: the main working language is English; some teachers can also communicate in Lithuanian, Russian, German, or French. Only one teacher (senior) speaks Lithuanian. PLEASE BE INFORMED THAT KIDS WITH ZERO ENGLISH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED TO THE CAMP. Click here to check the language level for free.

LANGUAGE PRACTICE: all activities are held in English (lessons, games, projects, and events) as most camp teachers do not speak any Lithuanian. Campers are allowed to use Lithuanian, Latvian or Russian among themselves, but usually English is the only comfortable language understandable for everyone and thus most inclusive. 

BUSYNESS: camp activities are based on constant communication. The main objective is to create team atmosphere, therefore children are always involved in various activities and have quite little free time. This is a TEMPLATE SCHEDULE of the camp.

ACCOMMODATION: participants live in tents that they bring themselves. The tent town is super close to the teachers' area so the kids are never left on their own. Usually  at least half of each shift is made up of the participants who have already camped with us and thus know the rules very well; this helps to keep the order and security in the tent town and the camp itself. During the night time one tent in the tent town is for a teacher on duty. In case of super heavy rain everyone moves to sleep indoors. 

SECURITY: In our camps, the ratio of staff to campers is 1: 6 (the usual requirement in the camp is 1:12), so we ensure that every camper will be seen and heard. We are very strict about following the rules of the camp. The majority of each shift is usually made up of returning children who understand how our camps work and are happy to help keep order. During the night, one camp leader always sleeps in a tent outside to ensure silence and emergency assistance when needed. We aim for the participants to rest well during the night, so we do not allow them to make noise for longer than specified in the schedule. All camp premises have fire alarms and fire extinguishers. Each campsite has an alarm button that directly calls the security service.

FACILITIES: in the camp you can find showers, hot water, toilets, and electricity.  

FOOD: all meals are provided by us. If you want, you can bring your own snacks, especially to share with your new friends by the fire. Attention: if your kid has special dietary requirements, especially severe allergies for common food ingredients, please pack him or her things he or she can eat. We unfortunately do not have resources to prepare a separate tailored menu, we only provide one option (incl. meat). 

DURATION: the camp starts on Sunday at 8 PM and finishes on Saturday at 1 PM (pick up time from 12:00). 

ARRIVAL: participants organise their transport to the camp themselves. You may come to the camp on Sunday evening, since it might be inconvenient to bring kids on Monday, which is a working day (if you choose to come on Sunday, please do that no earlier than 8pm., otherwise you'll just have to wait till we open). For international participants: coming by car the nearest bigger town is Anykščiai or Utena; coming by plane the nearest airport is Vilnius or Kaunas, after that take a local bus to Anykščiai or Utena (it will cost around 10 EUR and last approximately 3 hours. The bus tickets may be purchased online here Usually you will get cheaper flight tickets to Vilnius airport.  

PETS: there will definitely be dogs in the camp, probably two or three. They are friendly and sociable, but if you have any allergies, keep that in mind.

RULES: the use of phones, computers, or tablets is restricted in the camp. All the devices remain with the camp leaders. Camp participants are allowed to use them every evening for half an hour. In case of emergency, parents can contact the camp leaders. We ACTIVELY practice zero tolerance to bullying policy. Smoking and using any type of alcohol are strictly prohibited on the campsite and will lead to immediate sending home.

OTHER IMPORTANT DETAILS: you will need a health certificate, parental consent, at least basic knowledge of English, a tent, a mattress, a sleeping bag, dishes, a foldable chair, warm socks and toiletries, toilet paper, insect repellent, a sack with the weirdest stuff (wigs, paint, strange clothes, accessories, glasses, etc.) for several evening activities, broad imagination and willingness not to worry about minor issues (e.g. a mosquito bite). Check out the full list of things you may need here.  

FYI: If the participant would like to get a special camp T-shirt (size and color of your choice, price 20 EUR) with the participant's name on it upon arrival, please make the payment for the T-shirt together with the deposit payment (40 EUR in total). All camp leaders will be wearing the same type of T-shirts as it helps to remember each other's names much much faster!

This camp is ideal for those who: 

  • like English language and meeting new people (many of our campers arrive solo)
  • want to get to know all other campers and feel safe doing that instead of getting lost in the crowd and communicating with a closed circle of peers. AKS ensures an optimal number of participants, their integration, close collaboration with teachers, and does not tolerate bullying
  • do not become upset when they have to spend a week away from home
  • like spending time in the nature, are not afraid of rain, fire smoke, and animals
  • love challenges, various tasks, and teamwork
  • dare ask questions, are curious, love exploring and discovering new things
  • are not addicted to any type of screen or would like that addiction to go away at least for a week
  • see time in the camp as an amazing experience, not a week-long exile

We would like to tell something to boys who like English but are afraid of the fact that such language camps are mainly popular among girls (we had to calm down so many people who called us to ask about this that we have decided to inform you about this aspect in advance and announce this in public): no, language camps are not only popular among girls; gender distribution in most cases is 60% girls and 40% boys, so go ahead and register for the camp, you will not be the only guy!

2021 #yoursummerinenglish Camp Dates 

SHIFT 1 -  06.21-06.26 Brain Power (THE SHIFT HAS FINISHED ALREADY)  - we will look into the human brain and its abilities, ways to memorise information and improve your memory! We will also determine what your preferred memorising method is and how to get better at the other methods that you struggle with. We'll analyse how different people can process the same things in a completely different manner - which is acceptable and totally OK. We'll compare how different animals' brains function; we'll also see how brain function can influence one's emotions. We'll discuss ways to relax and clear your mind in order not to burn out during more intense periods of your life. 

SHIFT 2 - 06.28-07.03  Too Cool for School (THE SHIFT HAS FINISHED ALREADY) - we will look at how school subjects and learning have changed at different stages of history in different parts of the world; we will find out why it is easy for some in school and difficult for others and what tricks can be taken to make learning easier; why do various school systems differ? Do you need homework? Which is better, online learning or face-to-face class? What is missing to make the education system meet your expectations? Why do some choose home-schooling sometimes? What if you never went to school? Why is it so important that children from poor countries can also go to school? We hope to discuss so many issues together! 

SHIFT 3 -  07.05-07.10 I Love You, Hater  (THE SHIFT HAS FINISHED ALREADY) - this shift is devoted to looking for the reasons and consequences of bullying. We will try to find ways to help the bullied, discuss ways to avoid being bullied and - most importantly - where fun ends and bullying starts. We will try to learn to accept others as they are, drop the categories and etiquettes, also understand that 'just like everyone else' or 'as I know it' is not necessarily 'the best'. We'll build a Safe Place together for everyone in the camp - party animals and loners, artistic souls and mathematicians, mainstream and counterculture, the ones still in the closet and already out of it. 

SHIFT 4 -    07.12-07.17 Believe it or Not  (THE SHIFT HAS FINISHED ALREADY)- A shift about conspiracy theories, scams, fake facts and ways to con the society and yourself.  We'll learn to be attentive, to tell fake information from facts, to check reliability of our sources and not to spread gossip if you are not sure how grounded it is. We'll discuss Deepfake, fake news and the influence of new technologies to the spread of information.  We'll find out what audience is the easiest target and why conspiracy theories are so popular. We'll see how 'broken telephone' works in practice.  

SHIFT 5 -07.19-07.24 The X Factor (THE SHIFT HAS FINISHED ALREADY)  - think you have talent, whatever it is? Would you like to show it to others, but dare you? Would it be fun to get friendly criticism and improve, or maybe see how others are doing in the talent ring? Don’t have any clearly identifiable talent, but are you charismatic and like to talk a lot and loudly? Or maybe you are just afraid of new people, even though you feel like you might interest them, but have no idea HOW? We are ready to find YOUR X-factor - what makes you the most unique and magic! We will have a full week, a safe environment and lots of support. Join us! REGISTER

SHIFT 6 - 07.26-07.31 Movie Time (THE SHIFT HAS FINISHED ALREADY)-  this is shift is for you if you love movies and want to share the knowledge and impressions you have about them. We will discuss your favourite movies, look into the lives of your beloved actors and will try to act out some famous movie scenes ourselves! We'll look into movie production from the very first idea, casting, until the final product and advertising. Why are some movies so popular and famous arounf the world while others have only been seen by very few? What's the difference between Hollywood and Bollywood? What's the most popular language in movies? How are movies dubbed? What on earth is Sindarin and Klingon?

SHIFT 7 - 08.02-08.07 Your Camp, Your Rules! (THE SHIFT HAS FINISHED ALREADY) - this shift is very distinctive and exceptional, helping campers understand the importance of leadership, the principles of teamwork, and the subtleties of negotiation. The participants of the camp will organize the whole week! Camp leaders will help implement the ideas and make sure they don’t go too far, and campers will be able to create exactly the kind of camp they want! ATTENTION: The usual camp schedule is not valid this week. The camp can be rebuilt within the framework of the current RULES. If you have ideas that will require prior preparation, please contact us at and we will try to help you.  

SHIFT 8 - 08.09-08.14  Book Nerd, That's ME!  (THE SHIFT HAS FINISHED ALREADY) - love to read? Really like to read? Very very fond of reading? Great - bring all your favorite books, we will have a week to discuss them, discuss the topics covered in these books, rewrite the beginnings and ends of your fav stories, get to know the lives of writers and maybe, if you want, write for yourself. It will be a quiet, creative week in the camp, where there is no need to rush anywhere; there will be time for thoughts and YOU. 

SHIFT 9 - 08.16-08.21 Culture Exchange  (THE SHIFT HAS FINISHED ALREADY) - different countries and cultures will be in the centre of attention in this shift. Unusual foreign traditions, food culture abroad, different concepts of politeness, exotic music and such will be in your schedule for the whole week.  Foreign teachers participating in this shift will present their own countries and will give you some fun facts about their cultures - you will be encouraged to ask anything that interests you! But also, do not forget to prepare something interesting about your own country! Perhaps you know some traditional dance or song, or an unusual dialect of your language? Or maybe you're a great cook and could make us a traditional dish? Get ready! 

SHIFT 10 - 08.23-08.28 Final Countdown     (THE SHIFT HAS FINISHED ALREADY)   -   last chance for a camp this summer and last week to revise what you forgot during the holidays! This is the most serious summer shift, where we will thoroughly test your knowledge of English and try to improve the areas where the biggest trouble is - speaking, vocabulary, writing or grammar, all in one week! We will systematize what you are already learning and try to immediately apply as much new knowledge as possible. If English is not your favorite lesson at school, this shift is just for you - we are ready to change your mind in a week!  

Camp price depends on the time you make a booking (a booking is made once you pay the deposit):

! Meals and the deposit are already included in the price!

registered June 1st and later on - 170 EUR



After making the reservation please pay a 20 EUR deposit (it is not refundable); camp price depends on the date we receive your deposit (as indicated in the price list above).

After receiving the deposit, we instantly book a place for you in a certain camp shift. The last Wednesday before the camp we send out Camp Agreement, an example of Parental Consent, the List of Rules (please bring the documents required to the camp or send us a scanned version of them via e-mail), a list of items needed, and directions to the camp location;

You will be asked to pay the rest of the camp price by making a bank transfer or in cash when you arrive at the camp.

All pictures from the previous camps can be found here:

All camp participants receive a 20% discount for English language courses in Vilnius or Kaunas for the following school year (for one month for every camp shift they have attended).

We will be more than happy to answer all your questions via e-mail of phone or in person if you visit us at any of AKS branches. See you in summer! 

This is a template schedule of the camp.