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English Language Courses in Vilnius and Kaunas

English Grammar Courses

English Grammar Courses

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Up to 10 participants


100 EUR/8 lessons (60 min each)

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PRICE: 100 EUR for 8 group classes, 60 minutes each. 


  • Specialized course. Grammar only. This course is designed to improve your grammar and learn how to apply it in everyday language use. It is not for those who seek to improve their speaking or reading skills. All 8 lessons you will be learning only about grammar and nothing else.
  • Language use. Courses are given ONLY IN ENGLISH.
  • Teachers. The teachers are the main asset of AKS. We choose teachers very carefully. All of them are qualified professionals who understand that the most important thing during classes is to explain everything in great detail. We do everything in our power to create a close relationship between AKS students and their teachers. We value strong and long-lasting relationships.
  • Cosy environment. In AKS you can find everything you need. We have created functional, safe, and cosy environment and we try to avoid an overly formal style.
  • Important details. Feel free to have a cup of tea or coffee and some snacks (fruit or biscuits) or sometimes even something more filling.
  • Additional activities. We have small libraries in all of our schools which you are free to use. You can borrow magazines (from car magazines to tabloids) and books.
  • Unexpected discovery. You can meet a few dogs running around in AKS, especially in Žvėrynas and Žaliakalnis. You can pet them, but please do not feed them.
  • Personal ties. AKS is an average size school where the administration knows each student’s name, shares a cup of tea with them before classes, communicates, and tries to help, if you have any problems with the courses. We always try to find the most suitable group for you to make sure you are satisfied with our services. It is not only business, we truly believe in the values what we preach.
  • Events. Every last Friday of the month all AKS students are invited to join AKS Game Nights. These are evenings with board games and movies where you can meet all AKS staff. Members. Your teacher can tell you more about it. All the newest information is also posted on AKS Facebook page


In a short time (8 classes) your grammar knowledge will be put into a clear system and all the unanswered questions about grammar now will be answered.

These courses are designed for those who have almost given up on  TENSES. During these courses at AKS the teacher will explain how and when to use them in a simple and understandable way.


All materials provided are free of charge. The course is not based on one particular course book and all materials are gathered from various course books.


After the course you will be able to identify most common grammar mistakes you make and correct them, you will understand how to use tenses, transform your pieces of knowledge into a system and will be ready to use them fluently not only in written but also in spoken language.


If the time offered is not suitable for you, please contact us to discuss other schedule possibilities.

If you do not want to study in a group, we can always offer individual courses.

One 60 minute lessons costs 30 EUR. This price can be divided by 2 if you take a pair course.