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Preparation for GMAT Exam

Preparation for GMAT Exam

Dates and times



Upon agreement

Group size

Only individual lessons


300 EUR/10 lessons (60 min each) or 35 EUR/1 lesson (60 min)

Other conditions



Individual or pair GMAT preparation classes are only for students who are 20 years old or older (usually, younger students simply do not need this exam).

Briefly about GMAT: this exam is taken only if a person is planning to study business programme abroad and a very high English and mathematics level, which has to be proven by a certificate, is required by university.

At AKS you can prepare for GMAT in a consistent and structured way. We offer you authentic preparation materials, experienced teachers, and an efficient programme.

Please take note that we do not prepare students for the mathematical part of GMAT, we only give you the materials to prepare for it, but we do not teach it (if you need a consultation regarding the mathematical part, please inform us in advance and we will try to organize a meeting with a mathematician). The whole course is focused on language aspects, specific vocabulary, and extended exercise practice.

You can pay for each class separately (35EUR/60min) or for a ten-class course in advance (300EUR). All materials used are included in the course price, no additional payments are needed. If you study in a pair, you share the course price with your partner. No additional discounts.

If an arranged lesson is cancelled later than 24 hours in advance, it has to be paid for.

Do not hesitate to call, write, or visit us for more information.