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English Language Courses in Vilnius and Kaunas

English group Lessons for 3-5-year-old Children

English group Lessons for 3-5-year-old Children

Dates and times



Once or twice a week (depends on the group)

Group size

Up to 10 children


100 EUR/10 lessons

Other conditions




To use the pre-school years for early learning of English as means of communication.


Starting to learn the language at an early age makes the future learning process much faster and smoother.

Lessons have social benefit for children who do not attend kindergarten. They learn to work in a group, get used to listening to instructions, and manage to focus for a longer time.


Parents should not start worrying if their child finds it difficult to integrate into the group, understand the teacher, or manage the tasks assigned to him or her. Usually, during the first lesson the child observes the environment, does not participate much, also may look distracted and confused. It is normal, because in English-speaking environment the only familiar thing is body language. Child’s behaviour changes in 3-4 lessons, when the lesson sequence is clear  and teachers become familiar.


Regular attendance ensures strong basic vocabulary. Kids start to recognize common phrases, react and follow English instructions, and eventually create firm foundation for further language learning. The earlier they start, the better results can be achieved.

Significant progress can be noticed in 6-9 months of learning. Children stop being afraid of a foreign language, do not start panicking after hearing a new word, try to find a connection between it and the teacher’s facial expressions, enjoy watching videos in English, follow simple song lyrics. Also, they learn to tell their native and foreign languages apart easily, opting for the right one when prompted. 

Learning a foreign language often significantly improves pronunciation and articulation of the native language, too.


The only language used during these lessons is ENGLISH and children usually get used to this after a few lessons. There is no homework for children of this age.

Sometimes parents who dedicate plenty of time to teach their children English language at home ask us in what way AKS lessons are different from what they do at home. These are the main differences:

  • Plan. 3-5 y.o. group lessons are taught by following a strict syllabus. Every lesson is dedicated to a single letter of alphabet, while the subsequent Art in English and Music&Acting lessons continue to master the usage of that letter. Lesson activities are divided into at least six stages to keep children’s attention.
  • Professional teachers. Every AKS specialist working with children has received obligatory Teacher Training (kids), has enough experience in this area working both in Lithuania and abroad, knows how to manage a group, appropriately react to children’s emotions, and maintain their attention. You will always receive advice on additional learning from our teachers.
  • Variety. Although at AKS we are proud of our teaching material variety, we also believe that less is more. We try to use less video materials so that children could pay more attention to their teacher and peers instead of getting glued to the screen. We encourage children to discover new things by themselves: to touch, to change, and to ask. We use drawing as and additional means of memory improvement. Children remember information much better if they put the things they have learnt on paper (for example, if we are learning about human body parts, it is much easier for them to learn when they are written on a colourful human painting. Later paintings also serve as a very valuable demonstrational material for revision. We would like to stress this, because some parents see painting as a waste of time).
  • Socialization. Group lessons are completely different from individual ones. In group lessons children learn consistency, order, and concentration, while also trying to help slower learners not to fall behind. They learn social skills, such as the right way to interrupt others, listen carefully and manage to hear important information, and also how to ask the right questions.
  • Respectful attitude towards teacher. Participating in lessons given by a teacher who is a completely new acquaintance to children and not a family member helps them to find a different self-image (not everything is allowed) and environment (there are things I do not understand). Throughout time, as relationship with teachers and peers is becomes closer, children relax, but previously introduced discipline remains and the learning process is more beneficial than learning at home.


The course price is 10 EUR for one lesson (100 EUR/10 lessons). There are no trial lessons for children.

Payments should be made for ten lessons in advance:

  • 100 EUR if you choose only English language lessons
  • 160 EUR if you choose English Language or Art in English+Music&Acting
  • 190 EUR if you choose English Language+Art in English+Music&Acting

English language+Art in English+Music&Acting is an integrated and coherent course. You can attend all of it or just parts of it.

These three classes are given one after another on Saturdays and Sundays (11:00 English Language, 12:00 Art in English, 13:00 Music&Acting).

We remind you that the number of participants in the group is limited, therefore you can lose your spot if you do not book the course in advance.

To register for the courses in Vilnius and Kaunas or for more information please contact us by phone or e-mail.