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Music and Acting group for Children

Music and Acting group for Children

Dates and times



Only on Saturdays (Once a week)

Group size

Up to 10 children


100 EUR*/10 lessons

Other conditions




3-5, 6-7 year-old and older children (in separate groups) who enjoy listening to music, expressing themselves through movement, and improvising. Kids who lack social skills and do not know how to behave in the group also register for Music&Acting lessons. Throughout time kids who used to be a bit shy learn to open up, find it easier to act after making themselves feel comfortable, and improve their self-esteem. Parents often ask if their child is old enough for English lessons. We always answer that the most important thing is for kids to be ready to be away from their home for several hours, nothing else will stress them out.

You will find more information about Music&Acting lessons for older children in PUPILS section.


The main goal of these lessons is to form English language and communication skills. Acting and music will help to understand the language, its purpose, and the importance of intonation and tone.

During these lessons children will learn various ways of expression (manage their voice, move, act out objects, explain things without words, listen to others, observe environment, and others).

Fun acting and musical tasks will help to improve little ones’ imagination, creativity, and will boost positive emotions. During the lessons children learn to be self-confident, use social skills, and revise the information they have learnt in English classes.


In this informal environment children relax and do not even feel that they are actually studying. By expressing themselves through sound and movement they also learn many new English words, follow the instructions, and repeat the phrases they have learnt while communicating with teachers ONLY in English (The teachers speak English all the time but they do understand the little ones who are not able to express themselves in this language). Children love this lesson most probably because it is completely different from all other classes!


The course price is 100 EUR*/10 lessons. There are no trial lessons for children.

*When attending classes which last longer than one hour, the price of the second and the third hour is lower. The first hour costs 10 EUR, the second 6 EUR, and the third 3 EUR. 10 lesson Saturday course costs respectively 100 EUR, 160 EUR, or 190 EUR.

Payments should be made for ten lessons in advance:

  • 100 EUR if you choose only Music&Acting
  • 160 EUR if you choose English Language or Art in English+Music&Acting
  • 190 EUR if you choose English Language+Art in English+Music&Acting

English language+Art in English+Music&Acting is an integrated and coherent course. You can attend all of it or just parts of it.

These three classes are given one after another on Saturdays and Sundays (11:00 English Language, 12:00 Art in English, 13:00 Music&Acting).

We remind you that the number of participants in the group is limited, therefore you can lose your spot if you do not book the course in advance.

For additional information or to register contact us via e-mail or telephone at any of AKS branches, or CLICK HERE.