Anglų kalbos studija

Learning is Fun!

English Language Courses in Vilnius and Kaunas


Anglu Kalbos Studija is a modern English language school established in 2009. At the moment we have five branches in Vilnius (in Jeruzalė, Naujamiestis, and Pašilaičiai districts) and one in Kaunas (Žaliakalnis district).

AKS offers an impressive range of courses for children, pupils, adults, and companies. Our main service is English language courses adapted to fit your needs; you can choose from General English courses, highly popular Spoken or Business language courses, as well as specialized modules for lawyers or doctors. At AKS you can also find specialized grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation courses which are not organized anywhere else.

Pupils and students are invited to attend preparation courses for all most popular English language exams: IELTS, SAT, GMAT, and TOEFL which are taught by highly qualified international examination specialists from all over the world. 

In AKS kids classes lessons are organized for children starting at the age of 3 and are integrated with art, music, and acting activities.

Anglu Kalbos Studija is an accredited language centre which has the right to test English language skills of candidates for the civil service.

AKS has an aim to be the Top Workplace in Lithuania for teachers and to reach this we offer exceptional working conditions for our employees, pamper them, encourage their improvement and development. And you, our clients, are the first ones to feel the benefit this brings. Our teachers love their work, they plan their lessons creatively, and carefully prepare for every single class with you.

Do not be surprised that one or even more curious four-legged creatures meet you at the door when you come to have a lesson at AKS. Anglų Kalbos Studija is a pet friendly school.

AKS slogan: learning is fun! Not only our lessons, but also our school interior,  rules, and communication with customers reflect this slogan. We invite you to come by, get acquainted, and start learning today :)