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Join the AKS Dream Team!

If English language is your mother tongue, or if you're just really good at it. 

If it seems like teaching is the easiest thing in the world. Or at least the most fun!

If you are looking for a team that welcomes aaaaalll kinds of different people.

You also would love a flexible, freelance-based work schedule that fits in with your plans. 

We must talk.

Check out AKS Dream Team here, and do not hesitate to contact us at dreamteam@anglustudija.lt

For the citizens of Ukraine: given the current situation in your homeland, we'll do our best to consider your job applications ASAP and ensure you start teaching first thing tomorrow. To make the process even faster, make sure you know how Individual Permit works in Lithuania. 

At the moment we're looking for freelance teachers to work in Vilnius and/or Kaunas as well as online, teaching kids, teens and adults English in individual or group classes. We do NOT offer accommodation nor help with work visas. 

To start you application process, please fill our online form.

Join the AKS Dream Team!

This is why you'll love it here

  • extremely flexible schedule - you can choose only those students or groups that fir your schedule; no one will make you work when you don’t want to. There is a wide variety of options, from early mornings to late weekends, from one hour a week to full time, you decide.
  • student flow guaranteed - you will not have to look for students, think about advertising, pick up the phone at an inconvenient time hoping that your new customer is calling - we will do it all for you. If you want to work, we will find you a job.
  • a lot of freedom for the teacher - you are free to work as you see fit. We will not go over specific methodologies for you, we will not tell you to do it one way or another, and we will always try to give you the students who will best suit your way and teaching style.
  • access to resources and classrooms 24/7 - you can prepare for lessons at any time, even at night. If you can’t concentrate at home or don’t trust your internet speed, you can give online lessons at any AKS school at any time.
  • probably the largest team of teachers in Lithuania - carefully selected colleagues who will advise, substitute you when you cannot teach, send materials, if you can't find them, allow you to watch lessons to gain experience, help, comfort and maybe even go for coffee together (or to MC, because why not).
  • we are always on your side - when you only start working, various things happen, which is completely natural. We won't judge or mock you - if you're our teacher, we're with you. 
  • only selected students, most suitable for YOU - you will be able to choose the age, levels and course topics that are most close to your heart. We will always welcome expanding your scope, but in no way will we try to impose drastic solutions.
  • administrative work done for you - conflicting students, difficulties with schedules, clashing classes - forget it. It's our job. 
  • work with a certificate of individual activity - no obligation for specific working hours, no lessons imposed on you that are not interesting, no waiting to be allowed to go on holidays. Freelancing at its best.
  • an efficient online system for managing lessons and invoicing - no fuzzy papers, tables or reports. We save you time and never ask for anything that is not absolutely necessary.
  • friendly, experienced and responsive school managers - they will always help with any question, rescue if you forget your password or a school key, fetch a missing textbook in 20 minutes or drive you from one school to another if you twist your ankle - if you need help, we are always ready. And we're not talking only work issues.