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Anglų kalbos lygio nustatymo testas

The test consists of 80 questions arranged in order of difficulty. You will have 60 minutes to answer all of them. If you run out of time, your test results will be saved automatically.  If you finish the test sooner (which is very likely), save the results manually. Once you have saved your results you will see your score in percentage and you will be able to fill in your personal information if you wish to receive a detailed description of your level or course proposals. Try to avoid guessing in the test. If you do not know the answer, better skip the question altogether. Good luck!

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If you need a level certificate for public service, you will need to take the test in one of our schools at an agreed time or arrange an online session with one of our CEPT staff.

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Anglų kalbos lygio nustatymo testas