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General English group Courses

General English courses are for those who seek to consistently improve their English skills working on writing, reading, speaking, and listening, at the same time improving their vocabulary and general language understanding. General groups start at A0 and go up to C1. Choose an AKS branch most convenient to you!
240 EUR/24 lessons (90 min each) + 25 EUR/coursebook
General English group Courses
240 EUR/24 lessons (90 min each) + 25 EUR/coursebook
Up to 10 participants
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During the courses you will improve your grammar skills, read, speak in front of the audience, make presentations, watch short movies, listen to recordings, and communicate with your peers. During the first course you will cover a half of the course book and a half of the language level (each language level has two parts, e.g. B1 consists of B1.1 and B1.2. It is a standard practice in language learning).

General English courses are taught by our teachers, colourful, interesting, diplomatic, and delicate individuals who help each and everyone in the group to open up, spot everyone’s mistakes, and give advice on further improvement. We employ people who do not only like their job, but also are interesting personalities, capable of inspiring and empowering students.

In AKS we appreciate slow and consistent learning to gain valuable knowledge, while a certificate is only a formal way to validate it. All our students, who pay for the courses, can pass the final test, get a certificate on the first day of the course and, if they do not feel like studying, they do not have to.

Slow and consistent learning is a proven way to learn the language. We often see widely advertised quick language courses. However, have you ever met a person who could speak a language fluently right after finishing such courses? They might have got more motivated and self-confident, but, was it the main goal of the course?

Language is a living organism and you need time to tame it. The most common mistake is to rush and punish yourself for things you cannot remember and to start thinking less of yourself. Everyone has their own pace and that is totally normal. You need to be interested in language, be curious as a child, and find your own strategy for memorising things. You absolutely should not rush yourself, because in such way you will only lower your self-esteem. Trust your teachers, share your fears, and let them guide you forward.

Why should you take general English course at AKS?

  • Newest course books. Here at AKS we use only the newest course books for general English classes. Every year we choose new books and our library is also constantly renewed to make sure the materials are kept up-to-date. Be sure that your course will be based on the most modern foreign language teaching methodology.
  • Language use. Courses are given ONLY IN ENGLISH with an exception of beginner groups.
  • Plenty of spoken English. We dedicate a third of the business course to spoken English, which is way more than in other language schools.
  • Teachers who love their job. AKS teachers are extraordinary. AKS has an objective of becoming the most wanted employer for teachers, so we do our best to make the teachers feel happy about going to work. Of course, students are the first ones to feel the benefit.
  • Motivating homework. During the course students are given various useful homework: writing diaries, making presentations, reading additional literature (professional and fiction).
  • Reasonable pace. The course is neither too intensive nor laid-back.
  • Progress tracking. During the course students have to take progress tests. In such way students can memorize the material better and see the progress they are making.
  • Final evaluation. At the end of the course students have to take a final test. The result of the final test is entered in the course completion certificate.
  • Cosy environment. In AKS you can find everything you need. We have created functional, safe, and cosy environment and we try to avoid an overly formal style.
  • Important details. Feel free to have a cup of tea or coffee and some snacks (fruit or biscuits) or sometimes even something more filling.
  • Additional activities. We have small libraries in all of our schools which you are free to use. You can borrow magazines (from car magazines to tabloids) and books.
  • Unexpected discovery. You can meet a few dogs running around in AKS, especially in Naujamiestis. You can pet them, but please do not feed them.


Registration in advance is a must. You can register by phone or e-mail (please choose your preferred AKS branch).

The payment should be made for the full course, 240 EUR, no later than three work days before the start of the course. The place in the course is only booked after we receive the payment. You can pay for the course book when you make the payment for the course or you can pay for it in cash when you arrive at the first lesson.

We do not offer trial lessons at AKS.

Skipped classes are not refunded. They can only be postponed due to health issues after providing a document proving that, or due to a business trip with a document proving your reason of absence.

To register for the courses or for more information please contact us by phone or e-mail, or  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.