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English Language Courses in Vilnius and Kaunas

Individual English Courses via Skype

Individual English Courses via Skype


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300 EUR/10 lessons (60 min each)

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Lessons can be conducted in Lithuanian, Russian, or English. During individual Skype classes a lot of time is dedicated to consistent learning, revision, identification and systemisation of personal errors, linking current information with information already possessed by a student, in order to create your own personal learning system step by step and to round up scattered knowledge. It is very important to keep a regular schedule for online classes. This way we can ensure quick progress and the result which satisfies both you and your teacher. During online classes, one of the most important things is student’s dedication and self-motivation. The teacher will be of little use if you do not set your mind to achieving the best results.

Online classes are not too different from regular classes, they only save your time (at least you do not have to travel to our school and back). We ask you to make sure that your computer is working properly and your internet speed is good enough for the class in advance. If you are not sure, contact us and we will set up a date for a trial call before the class. If any problems arise during the lesson due to the student’s fault, we will count the class as if it had been conducted. If the problems arise from the teacher’s side, we will take the blame and compensate for your lost time.

In AKS we appreciate slow and consistent learning to gain valuable knowledge, while a certificate is only a formal way to validate it. All our students, who pay for the courses, can pass the final test, get a certificate on the first day of the course and, if they do not feel like studying, they do not have to.

Slow and consistent learning is a proven way to learn the language. We often see widely advertised quick language courses. However, have you ever met a person who could speak a language fluently right after finishing such courses? They might have got more motivated and self-confident, but, was it the main goal of the course?

Language is a living organism and you need time to adopt it. The most common mistake is to rush and punish yourself for things you cannot remember and to start thinking less of yourself. Everyone has their own pace and that is totally normal. You need to be interested in language, be curious as a child, and find your own strategy for memorising things. You absolutely should not rush yourself, because in such way you will only lower your self-esteem. Trust your teacher, share your fears, and let them guide you forward.


If you choose individual courses, we will help you to develop solid active vocabulary formed of most frequently used words and phrases; improve writing and listening skills; encourage reading in foreign language without using dictionary; brush up pronunciation and listen actively when the speaker is not using your mother tongue.


  • Language use. Courses are given ONLY IN ENGLISH. Student‘s native language is only used in exceptional cases at your request.
  • Individual plan. For each student we draft an individual long-term plan with personal goals in mind.
  • Teachers. The teachers are the main asset of AKS. We choose them very carefully. Before the course you will be asked what kind of teacher you would like to study with and we will do our best to find the one who meets your needs best. After a couple of lessons we always ask whether the teacher suits you. If the answer is negative, we will search for a more suitable teacher until we find the best one for you.
  • Materials. We keep our working materials up-to-date and renew them once a year. All course books are original and certified.
  • Motivation. Teachers continuously track your progress, give helpful advice, adapt to your individual pace, and needs. You can ask to receive homework which is specially chosen for your level to help you stay motivated.


Students will boost their self-esteem, bring structure to their language, and find the best way to learn it.

During the courses students will receive teacher‘s contact details in order to reach them after classes to discuss all the questions concerning English. Counselling, which is longer than 15 minutes, comes at extra charge.


300 EUR/10 lessons (60 min each) or 35 EUR/1 lesson (60min) paying for each class separately. All payments are made in advance. If you cancel the lesson later than 3 hours before the class, it has to be paid for.


To register for online classes or for more information please contact us by phone or e-mail.