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English Language Courses in Vilnius and Kaunas

English Summer Day Camps in Vilnius and Kaunas!

English Summer Day Camps in Vilnius and Kaunas!


Course registration


Participants are constantly involved; very little free play time

Group size

Up to 10 kids for one teacher, up to 50 kids in one shift


Depends on the date you register

FROM JUNE 1, 2020 the camp costs 110 EUR /week (lunch included)! 

To book a place for 110 EUR pay a 20 EUR advance for one shift.  

Pick preliminary shift dates, you will be free to change them later. 


PLACE: English day camps take place in Vilnius, Sėlių St 18A, Ateities St 2A, Ševčenkos St 31, Gabijos St 35, and Kaunas - Lietuvių St 1, in the premises of “Anglų Kalbos Studija”. All the shifts take place in all branches at the same time, therefore choose the one which is most convenient to you.

DURATION: One full camp shift takes 5 days, from Monday to Friday. You can purchase separate days (25 EUR/ 1day).

AGE: The camp is for 3-12-year-old children; the participants are put into groups according to their age, in rare cases during the week they can be regrouped according to their level; field trips are arranged for all the children together. Keep in mind that age limit in groups depends on the participants registered for the camp. It means that in some shifts your seven-year-old might be grouped with other seven-year-olds only, while in others your child might be together with six and eight-year-olds.

TIME: Every day the participants can come from 07:30 to 09:00, the camp finishes at 17:15 (on Fridays at 17:00), the last time for pick-up is 17:30 (on Fridays 17:15).

Important: when you are late to pick up your child, there is a onetime 5 EUR fee for the delay. We count the delay count from 17:30 (on Fridays from 17:15).

FOOD: children eat lunch together in a cafe (lunch price is included in the camp price). We encourage you to bring additional snacks from home.

LANGUAGE: During the whole camp teachers speak in English, and only switch to Lithuanian if that is really necessary and possible.

PRICE: Lunch and some field trips are included into the price of the camp. Public transport tickets and excursions are not included into the price (up to 5 EUR per person for one excursion, usually one, sometimes two per shift).

Day camp price depends on the date you register for it. When registering you need to pay the deposit. On most national holidays the camps work as usual. If you cannot participate in the camp during the national holiday, please inform us about this before the beginning of the camp and we will exclude the price for that day from the final camp price.

You are allowed to change shifts, but no later than a week before your previously chosen shift.

Camp price depends on the date you make a reservation (the day we receive the deposit):  

If you register 01/06/2019 or later – 110 EUR


1st SHIFT June 15 - 19 // TEAM SPIRIT - sports, games, friendships and helping your peers!  REGISTER

2nd SHIFT June 22 - 26 //  TIME TRAVEL – history, past, future and what is waiting for us?  REGISTER

3rd SHIFT June  29 - July 3 //  PROFESSIONS - what do people do and what would I like to be when I grow up?  REGISTER

4th SHIFT July 7 - 10 (Monday off)  // ANIMAL KINGDOM - wild / farm animals and pets, how to take care of them  REGISTER

5th SHIFT July 13 - 17 //  TV - famous TV faces, movies, making your own movie, acting  REGISTER

6th SHIFT July 20  - 24 // ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS - ancient Egypt, The Inca Empire, the Maya civilisation, ancient Rome, history, facts and myths REGISTER

7th SHIFT July 27 - 31 // CIRCUS SHOW - acrobatics, circus skills and tricks, your talents  REGISTER

8th SHIFT August 3 - 7 // MAD SCIENCE - experiments, discoveries and science  REGISTER

9th SHIFT August 10 - 14 // LET'S CELEBRATE - what do people celebrate around the world?  REGISTER

10th SHIFT August 17- 21 // ARTS AND CRAFTS - branches of art, famous artists, art made by you    REGISTER

11th SHIFT August 24 - 28 //  AMERICAN WEEK - culture, history, geography of the USA, its famous people   REGISTER



The date of registration is the date when we receive the deposit. The deposit is 20 EUR for one shift (40 EUR for two shifts, and so on; the deposit is not refundable). After receiving the deposit, we instantly book a place for you in a certain camp shift. (You can change shifts, but not later than a week before your previously chosen shift.).

The last Wednesday before the camp we send out the Camp Agreement, Parental Consent, a List of Camp Rules, Shift timetable, and Evaluation form. We ask you to bring all filled documents to the camp with you (or scan and send them to us via e-mail beforehand) on the first day, and the Evaluation form on the last day of the camp.

The remaining sum can be paid via bank transfer just before the camp or in cash on the first day.

All camp participants receive a 20% discount for English language courses for the following school year (for one month for every camp shift they have attended). The more shifts children attend, the more months the discount is valid for.

You can find all pictures from previous day camps here:

We will be more than happy to answer all your questions via e-mail of phone or in person if you visit us at any of AKS branches. See you in the summer!