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English Language Courses in Vilnius and Kaunas

English Language Courses for Executives

English Language Courses for Executives



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1000 EUR/24 lessons (60 min each); 1800 EUR/48 lessons (60 min each)

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The target audience for this course are people who hold executive positions and feel the need to improve their English skills, but cannot spend much time on it.

We ensure confidentiality for students who choose KIV course. If you are not willing to disclose your personal data when registering for the course, it is not required.

If you have tried different language courses, but were not satisfied with them because they lacked flexibility or did not accommodate your needs appropriately, AKS English language courses for executives will surely be your best investment in improving your language skills. It is a purposeful and versatile course conducted by a Lithuanian-speaking specialist and a foreign assistant (during the monthly meetings).

KIV can be taught at all levels from A1 to C2. Its curriculum is adapted to the goal chart you are asked to complete before the course. Homework is a mandatory part of KIV courses. It is not provided to individuals who openly manifest little motivation to learn and intend to study only because they “have to", not because they really want to.

In Lithuanian KIV stands for Kursai Įmonių Vadovams, while in English it means Keep In View.  This course is our commitment to keeping your linguistic progress under control and encouraging you to move forward together with AKS teachers.


  • An introductory interview with AKS representative supervising this module is held before starting the course. This interview is designed to discuss your availability and motivation for the course, complete personal goal chart, and evaluate the progress opportunities of a three-month or half-year course respectively. Unanimously agreeing to terms and conditions you and AKS sign a bilateral agreement which clearly defines what goals you are about to achieve during this module and which agreements (attendance, homework) you promise to follow.
  • The course consists of 24 or 48 individual lessons (60 min each) twice a week.
  • You are given compulsory homework once a week.
  • Once a month, instead of a regular lesson a meeting with a native English speaker and your teacher is organized in an informal setting. This meeting is intended to consolidate your knowledge acquired during the previous month and to practice spoken language.
  • If you fail to comply with obligations stated in the bilateral agreement, AKS has the right to unilaterally terminate this agreement at any time without obligation to refund the deposit.


The materials for KIV are prepared by the teacher in accordance to the goal chart the participant completes before starting the course.  

Course materials may be general or specialized, gathered from different sources.

A set of course materials is prepared for one month in advance and is provided ready-to-use. This set usually includes text, video, and audio materials, and also can include additional study materials upon request.


KIV courses are conducted by the most qualified AKS teachers who have broad experience in linguistics field that is relevant to you. All KIV course teachers have attended a special KIV training program.

Teachers’ have very busy timetables so, in order to get the most qualified specialist, you may need to wait for the KIV course to start for up to three weeks.

During the courses you will receive teacher‘s contact details in order to reach them after classes to discuss all the questions concerning English. Counselling, which is longer than 15 minutes, comes at extra charge.


After successfully fulfilling all KIV requirements and completing the course, you receive a special KIV certificate attesting your participation in the course and the result achieved.

To register for English language courses for executives in Vilnius or Kaunas, or to get more information about them please contact us via e-mail or phone in Vilnius +370 670 06287, or in Kaunas +370 607 59971.