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English Group Lessons for 8/9 Graders

Courses are for 8-9 graders who have been learning English for seven or eight years, but still experience some difficulties and have gaps. Courses are aimed at very intensive spoken language practice.
100 EUR/10 lessons (90 min each) or 130 EUR/10 lessons (120 min each)
English Group Lessons for 8/9 Graders
100 EUR/10 lessons (90 min each) or 130 EUR/10 lessons (120 min each)
Up to 10 pupils
Conditions (download)


The course is set to assure consistent learning, revision, identifying personal gaps, connecting new information with prior knowledge so that students could create their own learning system and the information in their heads would not be scattered.

Students are encouraged to understand language learning as a useful process and not as means to improve their grades at school. Plenty of attention is paid to spoken language which is impossible in big groups at school.


To form a firm base of active words and phrases; to improve writing and listening skills, to read foreign texts without a dictionary; to polish pronunciation and learn listen closely when the speaker does not translate their language into student’s native tongue.

One of the main goals is to demonstrate the best ways to “tame” English while dealing with acquired insecurities which come from not knowing the language and slower pace at school, or problematic relationship with teachers.


  • Language use. Courses are given ONLY IN ENGLISH.
  • Teachers. The teachers are the main asset of AKS. We choose teachers very carefully. All of them are qualified professionals who understand that the most important thing during classes is to explain everything in great detail. We do everything in our power to create a close relationship between AKS students and their teachers. We value strong and long-lasting relationships.
  • Materials. We keep our working materials up-to-date and renew them once a year.
  • Cosy environment. In AKS you can find everything you need. We have created functional, safe, and cosy environment and we try to avoid an overly formal style.
  • Self-evaluation. Students’ parents are often happy that their child, who previously used to dislike English (because of problems at school or simply “I just can’t” attitude), begins to find interest in the subject and becomes more confident after starting AKS courses. Our teachers do not only work by the book. They take into account every child’s needs and cooperate with their parents. If the relationship with English is very poor, we encourage to begin from individual lessons (so that the student could get used to the teacher, understand what they are expected to do, adapt to course pace and content), and only then join group lessons (to not get too attached to one teacher and manage to work in a group, where students have to share teacher’s attention).
  • Important details. Feel free to have a cup of tea or coffee and some snacks (fruit or biscuits) or sometimes even something more filling.
  • Additional activities. We have small libraries in all of our schools which you are free to use. You can borrow magazines (from car magazines to tabloids) and books.
  • Unexpected discovery. You can meet a few friendly dogs running around in AKS, especially in Žvėrynas and Žaliakalnis. You can pet them, but please do not feed them. Pupils tend to enjoy them even more than better school grades, but, if you have any allergies, do inform us about them.


Students obtain self-confidence, systemize their knowledge, and find the most appropriate way of learning.

Early identification of learning gaps lead to more effective learning in the future.

During the courses students will receive teacher‘s contact details in order to reach them after classes to discuss all the questions concerning English.


The expected increase of school grade is one-two marks after finishing a recommended minimum duration course with good attendance, following instructions, and doing homework.

Students begin to express their ideas in full logical sentences, obtain self-confidence in English environment, expand their vocabulary, and find the best ways to learn.


If you do not want to study in a group, we can always offer individual course.


Registration in advance is a must. You can register by phone or e-mail (please choose your preferred AKS branch)

Please provide your name, surname, age, school grade, school, contact information (telephone number and e-mail) and parents’ contact information.

The payments must be made for 10 lessons in advance. 100 EUR for 10 lessons (90 minutes each) or 130 EUR for 10 lessons (120 min each), no later than three days before the beginning the course.

There are no trial lessons for pupils’ groups.

Skipped classes are not refunded. They can only be postponed due to health issues after providing a document proving that.

Group courses are taught all year long.