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Preparation for IELTS Exam (group or individual classes)

This course is for school leavers planning to take the international IELTS exam who need Band score 6-8 out of 9. The course can be both the main or supplementary exam preparation tool. If you are planning to choose group IELTS classes, take a language level test to make sure your English level is B2 or above. If you level is lower, we advise you to choose individual IELTS classes.
100 EUR/10 lessons (90 min each) or 100 EUR/5 lessons (180 min each)
Preparation for IELTS Exam (group or individual classes)
100 EUR/10 lessons (90 min each) or 100 EUR/5 lessons (180 min each)
Up to 10 participants
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The course is set to discuss exam requirements, specific tasks (especially the complicated writing and the tricky speaking tasks), and the most common mistakes. Please note that this course is not for improving you English level. If your level is lower than upper-intermediate (B2), General English course is much more suitable for you than a specialized IELTS course.


In one-two months get acquainted with IELTS structure and requirements, practice all kinds of exam tasks, improve IELTS-specific vocabulary, identify personal gaps and weak spots in students’ language knowledge and eliminate them with teacher’s help, learn about the most common IELTS mistakes and how the Band Score is applied, systemize language skills to apply them in IELTS the best way.

AKS IELTS course is taught by teachers who have taken the exam themselves and those who are very well familiar with its structure and evaluation system. Some AKS teachers have also worked at the official IELTS examination centre.

Mind the fact that the minimal amount of time necessary for IELTS preparation (at home, at school, or anywhere else) is two months. Do not wait till the last minute, because it is much better to learn slowly and give time for comprehending IELTS preparation materials. Keep in mind that it is recommended to take the exam right after the preparation course so that you do not forget what you have learnt.


  • Language use. Courses are given ONLY IN ENGLISH.
  • Teachers. The teachers are the main asset of AKS. We choose them very carefully. All of them are qualified professionals who understand that the most important thing during classes is to explain everything in great detail. We do everything in our power to create a close relationship between AKS students and their teachers. We value strong and long-lasting relationships.
  • Materials. AKS IELTS course books are renewed annually. All the materials are authentic and taken from official sources. It is impossible to get ready for IELTS working with only one book; the variety of materials you get at AKS for free is worth as much as the course itself, therefore buying and learning everything by yourself is not the most practical choice. You will receive a reasonable amount of homework, so plan your time accordingly.
  • Environment. In AKS you can find everything you need. We have created functional, safe, and cosy environment and we try to avoid an overly formal style.
  • Only the most important information. IELTS course is systematic and intensive. You will only be learning the most important information. We save your time by omitting general language tasks and keeping only those which prepare you for the exam.
  • Important details. Feel free to have a cup of tea or coffee and some snacks (fruit or biscuits) or sometimes even something more filling.
  • Additional materials. If requested, the teacher will always provide additional homework materials for free.
  • Professional recommendations. Your progress is monitored throughout the entire course, therefore the teachers can recommend the best date to take the exam. We will not encourage you to attend classes for too long, since it is not the best strategy while preparing for IELTS.
  • Unexpected discovery. You can meet a few friendly dogs running around in AKS, especially in Žvėrynas and Žaliakalnis. You can pet them, but please do not feed them. Pupils tend to enjoy them even more than better school grades, but, if you have any allergies, do inform us about them.


Students get ready for IELTS exam in a short period of time and obtain all the necessary information to get the best score possible. Also, upon student’s request, free additional learning materials are provided. All students get their teacher’s personal contact information and are welcome to ask for any kind of IELTS guidance at any time. Once in a while, IELTS Mock Tests are organized. They can show an accurate student’s band score.

Usually, universities require a letter of recommendation or a covering letter together with IELTS band score. AKS teachers can help to write such letters or correct your mistakes for an additional fee. We would like to be clear that our teachers will not write them for you, they will only help you to write them as well as possible yourself.


The risk to obtain a low band score is minimized; most of the time the teacher can accurately determine what your final IELTS exam result will be with ~90% accuracy.

If the teacher sees that there is a high possibility to obtain a low band score (due to the lack of time or low English level), it is advised to postpone the exam. Important: in many cases, retaking IELTS in six months’ time after having taken the exam for the first time, the bad score remains the same, therefore taking IELTS with an idea that if you do not succeed the first time, you can simply take it again soon is not actually that smart.


If you do not want to study in a group, we can always offer an individual course or arranged pair lessons.

Individual classes/pair classes cost 25 EUR/60min paying for 10 classes in advance or 30 EUR/60min paying for each class separately.


100 EUR for 5 lessons (180 min each) or 100 EUR for 10 lessons (90 min each). All lesson materials are included into the price. There are no additional fees.


Registration in advance is a must. You can register by phone or e-mail (please choose your preferred AKS branch)

Please provide your name, surname, age, school grade, school, contact information (telephone number and e-mail) and the Band Score you need to obtain.  

There are no trial lessons for IELTS.

Skipped classes are not refunded. They can only be postponed due to health issues after providing a document proving that.

Group courses are taught all year long, so you can join the group anytime and there is no need to wait for a new one. Class curriculum is adapted to create the dynamic classroom.