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Preparation for SAT Exam (individual classes only)

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) lessons are most often for those planning to study in the USA where the educational institution asks for a SAT exam score. SAT preparation lessons are either individual or in a pair, we do not organise SAT group classes. Please take a free language level test before registering. We recommend to spare at least 3 months for SAT preparation.
330 EUR for 10 lessons (60 min each)
Preparation for SAT Exam (individual classes only)
330 EUR for 10 lessons (60 min each)
Individually or in a pair
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Individual or pair SAT lessons are for pupils (from 15 years old) and adults.

Briefly about SAT: Scholastic Assessment Test is taken when a person is planning to study in the USA and the university they want to enter requires a certain English language level and Mathematics level.

In AKS you can prepare for the SAT consistently and systematically. We offer authentic exam materials, experienced teachers, and an efficient syllabus.

Please take into account that we do not prepare for the mathematical part of SAT. We provide all the materials for self-study, but we do not teach maths. The entire course is focused on language specifics, terminology, and exam practice.

It is possible to pay for each lesson separately (38 EUR/60 min) or pay for ten lessons at once (330 EUR). All lesson materials are included into the price. There are no additional fees.

No additional discounts are applied. When studying in a pair, students share the price evenly.

If an arranged lesson is cancelled later than 24 hours in advanced, it has to be paid for.

Do not hesitate to call, write, or visit us for more information.