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Travel English course for your trips and holidays!

Published 2019-05-21

Travel English course for your trips and holidays!

The course is for A2 / B1 level.

If you are planning a vacation abroad but are worried about not being able to talk to hotel staff or understand what a guide is saying during an excursion - these courses are for you!

This short course, exclusively taking place at Anglų kalbos studija, is designed to familiarize you with the main vocabulary, most commonly used on travels.

You will learn:

* where and what to say at the airport, hotel, public transport, pub, restaurant, etc.

* how to rent a car

* how to buy a metro or other public transport tickets

*  how to ask for directions for the nearest toilet, museum or other important sight.

During the lessons you will read, practice in different hypothetical situations, speak in front of the classroom, prepare presentations, watch short videos, listen to audio recordings, and talk to your classmates.

One module consists of 8 lessons, 90 minutes each.

Price for one module is 75 EUR.

The courses will take place at AKS Naujamiesčio and AKS Pašilaičiai branches: I / III 18:30 - 20:00. from June 19th and II / IV 18:30 - 20:00 from June 20th.

You are welcome to register!

T. ŠEVČENKOS st. 31, Vilnius, Naujamiestis 8 609 60697 naujamiestis@anglustudija.lt

GABIJOS st. 35, Vilnius, Pašilaičiai 8 672 40433 gabijos@anglustudija.lt