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Published 2020-02-19

Have you ever thought that sometimes you don't have to go anywhere to be surrounded by English? All you need to do is to come to AKS Kaunas branch at Lietuvių str. 1, Kaunas 19th March at 7pm!

For our birthday we will have the annual event you all love - Games Night - an integral part of the AKS, which brings together teachers and students with the common goal of helping to break through and gain confidence in English in an informal setting to overcome all fears.

If you doubt your strength, no problem! You will always find well-meaning teachers who will help you.

During the event, we will play various games in English which will be prepared by enthusiastic and dedicated AKS teachers.

We promise delicious meals and drinks.

We will only ask you for one - bring as many people as you can!

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. by e-mail: kaunas@anglustudija.lt and studios by phone: +37060759971, and if you come to us - live. Until the meeting in Kaunas !!!