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IELTS Mock Test in Vilnius and Kaunas 11.23

Published 2018-09-13

IELTS Mock test is meant to allow the test takers to check their performance and chances of getting the desired mark in the real IELTS test. Apart form that, anyone is welcome to come and check their English language proficiency level under IELTS exam conditions!

IELTS Mock test is compiled of previous IELTS exam tasks and is carried out according to the real exam format and conditions (including the speaking part).

The mock test will help you to feel more confident before the real exam (you will know what to expect), and will show what band score (with ~0.5 precision) you may get with your current level of preparation. It will also allow you to identify your weaknesses and focus on them before the real exam. 

IELTS Mock test takes place in Vilnius, GABIJOS St. 35, Pasilaiciai branch, and in Kaunas, LIETUVIU St. 1, Zaliakalnis branch. IELTS Mock test date is November 23rd, 4:00 - 7:30 PM.

The number of places is limited up to 50 participants in each city. 

The speaking part of the mock test takes place on the same day, the exact time will be assigned to you three days before the mock test.

IELTS Mock test results will be published in seven workdays after the test and will reach you via email. There will be a band score as well as a score for each exam part indicated and a short comment of your performance and mistakes.

Please register via email or phone: Vilnius: gabijos@anglustudija.lt; 8 672 40433. Kaunas: kaunas@anglustudija.lt; 8 607 59971, or via the online registration form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc3Zc-f0vXPAMLgkaIelOgVP-fkqtp0ZEKm7cs2sdHLqCLniA/viewform

IELTS Mock test price is 30 EUR. 

Details for bank transfer: 

VšĮ Anglų kalbos studija, 

Company code: 302317511, 

Bank account: SEB A/S LT23 7044 0600 0684 5459.

The place is booked after the payment which is not refundable (but can be moved to another person).