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English classes at your workplace during the lunch break

Published 2019-09-24

Make the most of your lunch break - learn English with your colleagues!

* Do you need English for your job and are you constantly feeling that your language level is insufficient?

* Have you been planning to take on an English course 'next month for sure' for ages, but haven't still found the time? 

* Do you have a lot of activities and even if you decide to study in the evenings, you cannot find the perfect specialist at the time that is right for you?

This fall, take advantage of our offer to learn the language at your workplace during your lunchtime - you won't have to go anywhere because our teachers will come to you!

At  Anglų Kalbos Studija, we are particularly careful  when choosing our teachers to work with corporate clients. In-company training is provided by our most experienced teaching professionals. The most popular time for in-company training is early in the morning and right after business hours; if you can study at other times, we can offer you not only a good teacher but a good price, too!

Terms of the offer:

* Lessons for the special offer price may take place on weekdays from 10:00 to 14:30 in Vilnius and Kaunas (for companies located further from the city center, the cost of lessons may be slightly higher due to the extra teacher time traveling to your place).

* Lessons take place in a group of employees of a similar level of language in your company.

* The group can have 3 to 10 participants.

* Regardless of the number of participants, a 60 min lesson costs 30 EUR, 90 min - 35 EUR.

* Lessons for your company must start no later than November 29, 2019.

* Lessons can be paid for directly by employees or the company; it's also possible to split the total amount in half or otherwise between employees and the company.

* All participants in the group commit to a minimum of 20 lesson courses when signing a learning agreement.

* Certificates are issued upon completion of the course.

* Before the course starts, we can come and test your employees for free, to ensure smoother group formation. Testing does not obligate you to take the course - we provide free language-level testing (certificates come at an extra cost) to all companies.

To get more information or to register for testing / lessons at your company, contact Business Customer Coordinator Ligita 8 672 88411 kursai@anglustudija.lt