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English practice in email online courses!

Published 2020-04-03

For those who do not have time for face-to-face lessons, either in class or online, but who want to improve their English level, we offer online consultations via e-mail!

HOW IT WORKS: Before starting an email online course, we will check your level of English. You can do this now by CLICKING HERE. You will tell us your expectations and wishes - what you want to learn the most, where you feel weaker, why you need English at all - after receiving this information we will select the most suitable teacher for you for the whole course, so your homework will be checked by the same person all the time, thus maintaining consistency.

PRICE: 10 email classes costs 120 EUR. Consultations are sold in at least 10 units per block. One consultation is considered to be the time from the sending of the tasks to their complete clarification after completion, no matter how many e-mails are sent.

FREQUENCY OF CONSULTATIONS: when working by e-mail, you will choose the right pace for yourself. We recommend that you do not delay assignments for more than a week, as you will forget previously learned information and it will be more difficult to maintain the integrity of the course.

WILL THOSE EMAIL CLASSES SUIT ME? If you have large grammar gaps but are not sure where to start; if you do not trust your writing skills and want a professional to assess your mistakes and advise you on how to improve; if you want to boost your overall level of language but you lack motivation and support; if you want to study with a professional, but live lessons are just too expensive for you.

MORE INFORMATION: naujamiestis@anglustudija.lt and 8 609 60697.