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EU financed measure - COMPETENCE VOUCHER!

Published 2019-11-26

EU financed measure - COMPETENCE VOUCHER! English language training for companies' employees; reimbursement of up to 80% !

Spoken, general, business, legal, medical, effective writing and more English courses for you and your employees with 80% compensation! Your company can receive up to 4,500€ for employee training in 12 months.

Who can apply? Private entities or state or municipal enterprises functioning for more than one year.

After the company has signed a grant agreement and selected a training provider and a training program from the list of Training Providers published on "Všį Versli Lietuva" website, the employees of the company will be able to learn and improve.

You must apply to INVEGA to make use of this possibility. More information can be found here: https://invega.lt/en/kompetenciju-vauceris/

How can the funding be used? Choose the most relevant training program for you in the list of training providers and training programs (you will find us on the registration list No P17/1053 - P17/1087). Contact us about the training program you are interested in and we will arrange training according to the needs of your company. We will come to your company at your convenience, organize a free English proficiency test for your employees and the training will start!