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Free English lessons with a trainee teacher!

Published 2021-02-04

Do you want to study English but don't know if online courses are the right choice for you? Do you hesitate to start learning because you don’t want to commit to a long course? Or maybe you have language gaps that could be fixed in a couple of lessons? 

This is a great opportunity then, because we offer you online English lessons with a trainee teacher for FREE!

WHO CAN RECEIVE THESE LESSONS? Anyone with an English level between A0 and B2. 

Jeigu savo lygio nežinote, būtinai atlikite testą:  Free language level test

HOW TO REGISTER? Fill this registration form. (All the free lessons have been claimed.)

We will ask you to provide your name, age, contacts and tell us what you would like to pay attention to during the lessons so that we can prepare in advance. You will also indicate the appropriate dates and times for the lessons.

WHAT WILL I NEED DURING THE LESSONS? A computer, a tablet or a phone, a good internet connection, 45 minutes of your time and - would be ideal! - a list of specific uncertainties. Please do not delay the lessons, start and finish them on time, and if the plans change, let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer the time to another person.  

CAN I REGISTER FOR MORE THAN ONE LESSON? We offer 1-3 lessons per person. 

WILL I HAVE TO BUY SOMETHING? Definitely not. These free English lessons are a gift from the AKS team and the trainee teacher. We will not ask you to buy anything, you will not commit to anything and we will not send you promotional emails in the future unless you wish to so yourself.  

WHEN CAN I HAVE THE LESSONS? Until March 14, 2021. 

WILL I BE ABLE TO CHANGE THE LESSON TIME? Once we have finalized the details, you will not be able to change the time. However, we will be very grateful if you inform us in the event of last minute hiccups - we will be able to give your time to another participant. 

The number of free lessons is limited!

If you have any questions: ateities@anglustudija.lt or 8 675 33216