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Free online English language consultations with our school specialists

Published 2020-11-30

All week we are giving away free online English language consultations with our school specialists! 

WHO IS THE FREE CONSULTATION FOR? For anyone who has questions about English. Questions may relate to your school, studies, work, job changes, English subtleties; or maybe you just need advice or encouragement, direction if you’re learning on your own, ideas on how to learn more / faster / more purposefully, what textbook to choose, where to look for good grammar exercises online, and the like. It is important that the discussion of your question fits in half an hour! Please also note that your age does not matter at all - if you have a question, feel free to register! 

DO I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING BEFORE I REGISTER? It would be great for you to take an English proficiency test for us to better understand how to help you. If you do not speak English at all, we will appoint a Lithuanian-speaking specialist to advise you, and if you are at a very high level, a foreigner may be more suitable. CLICK HERE TO START A FREE LEVEL TEST. 

HOW TO REGISTER FOR A CONSULTATION? YOU WILL FIND A REGISTRATION LINK HERE. It will ask you to provide your name, age, contacts and what question you  have so that we can prepare for the consultation in advance. You will also indicate the appropriate dates and times for the consultation in December. 

WHAT DO I NEED DURING THE CONSULTATION? A computer, tablet or phone, good internet, half an hour of your time and - would be ideal! - a list of your issues. Please do not delay the consultation and start and end it on time, and if your plans change, let us know as soon as possible so that we can allocate the planned time to another person. 

CAN I FIND OUT WHO WILL CONSULT ME? We cannot answer this question until we have agreed on a suitable consultation time for you. But you can get acquainted with all our teachers in advance by CLICKING THIS LINK, and with our administration staff - HERE. You will be consulted by one of our staff, whose video presentations are available on our website. 

CAN I REGISTER FOR MORE THAN ONE CONSULTATION? We give one consultation to one person :) 

WILL I HAVE TO BUY SOMETHING? Definitely not. These free consultations are our gift to you, which will hopefully contribute to the festive mood. We will not offer you anything to buy, you will not commit to anything and we will not torture you with promotional emails in the future unless you ask for that yourself. 

UNTIL WHEN DO I NEED TO USE MY CONSULTATION? We’d be inclined to do that by Christmas, but if there are very many registrations, we’ll add January. 

CAN I CHANGE THE CONSULTATION TIME? Once we have finalized the details, you will not be able to change the time. However, we will be very grateful if you inform us in the event of last minute surprises - we will be able to give your time to another registrant and thus save everyone's festive mood.

If you have any questions: naujamiestis@anglustudija.lt or +370 6 272 4960.