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Free self-study language learning seminars in Kaunas

Published 2017-10-12

“Starting from Monday…. I Promise” this is free practical seminars of language learning organized by Anglų kalbos studija. The seminars are conducted by AKS CEO Aurelija Ignotaitė who has been working with English language for 13 years and who is going to continue like… forever

A2/B1 seminars are for those, who do not even remember when they started to learn English and yet do not feel very confident when they need to communicate in English. The most frequent complex of A2/B1 level learners is “I’m not gifted enough for language learning”. If you kept trying to learn the same A2/B1 level for the third time and you would always give up in the middle of the learning process and if you cannot put any new vocabulary into your head especially words which are kind of old-school and tricky that you cannot even use them and when you hear an English text and you feel nervous – you are more than welcome to join the seminar and find out how to deal with that witchy English without any stress.

Those who know English ALMOST perfect (but there is always a room for improvement) please take a look for higher and more practical seminar “Starting form Monday… I promise” of B2/C1 levels.

The upcoming seminar will be held in Kaunas:

For more information about seminars check our Facebook page.  See you in October.