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Halloween camp near Utena for teens Nov 3-Nov 6!

Published 2022-08-19

Halloween Camp near Utena 2022 Nov 3 - Nov 6!

Register now: 70 EUR for 4 days, meals included! Last week before camp - 90 EUR. 

Check out last year's camp videos here.

Join us in the SPOOKIEST camp this year! If you're 11 - 17 years old, we welcome you to our AKS campsite 3 where we will celebrate the upcoming Halloween all together and will spend four days talking, screaming at zombies, watching movies, building new friendships and carving pumpkins! All activities will be in English. 

The most important message about the Autumn Camp is this: since it will be autumn outside with a lot of rain (hopefully not too much), we will not sleep in tents as always, but in the house, therefore, the number of places is very limited.  AKS Campsite 3 can take in up to 45 campers. So, the  sooner you register, the more chance that you fit!

You can arrive on Thursday from 18:00 or on Friday from the very morning.

Camp price: early bookings 70 EUR, last week before the camp 90 EUR, meals included. 

Arrival: Participants arrive by themselves. If you do not have a ride, write to us, we will try to cooperate you with other campers.

Accommodation: in a haunted... I mean, heated house with conveniences (toilets inside, hot water, electricity). Participants have to bring their own bedding (mattress, sleeping bag or a duvet, socks (several pairs) also, hats wouldn’t hurt). It will not be cold inside, but we will go outside too, so get dressed accordingly.

You can register by clicking HERE. 

After the registration, please make a deposit of 20 EUR for the camp (it is non-refundable); upon receiving the deposit, we will add you to the list of participants.

The very last week before the camp we will send you a Camp Agreement, a Parent Consent Form, a List of Rules - please bring the signed documents to the camp or send them scanned via email. We will provide you with the list of things to bring and the directions to help you find the campsite.

You can pay the remainder of the cost by bank transfer before the camp or by cash once you arrive.

We are happy to answer any of your questions in any form – simply ask!

Spooky Camp Program (PRELIMINARY):

Thursday, Nov 3:

18:00 Arrival of participants, unpacking, settling in. Attention: you will be kindly greeted by The Witch, so be ready. 

20:30 Opening circle with hot blood (or perhaps tea) 

21:30 Team building activities 

22:30 Story telling activity - sharing your fears  

23:00 Evening circle  

Friday, Nov 4:

09:00 Wake up (if you dare) 

09:30 Breakfast 

10:15 Morning circle 

11:00 Team building games with the newly arrived ones

12:00 The Witch in history, movies, cartoons and today's life (seminar plus workshop)

14:00 Lunch 

15:00 Magic - numerology, palmology etc (seminar and practical part) 

16:00 Surprise Activity! (made by YOU) 

17:00 Lucid Dreaming (seminar/workshop)-

18:30 Dinner and Cleaning time 

20:00 Halloween Movie and Discussion 

22:00 Evening Circle 

Saturday, Nov 5:

09:00 Wake up 

09:30 Morning circle 

10:00 Breakfast  

11:00 Halloween Fears workshop (Photoshoot based) 

12:30 Vampires: Introduction 

14:00 Lunch

15:00 Number 13: how and why  

16:00 Paranormal Activity 

17:45 Seminar: How they celebrate Halloween abroad 

19:00 Dinner and Cleaning time

20:30 Trip to the observation tower 

22:00 Evening Circle 

Sunday, Nov 6:

09:00 Wake up 

09:30 Morning circle 

10:00 Breakfast 

11:00 Magic Words - spells, language programming, proverbs

13:00 Cleaning Time 

14:00 Good Bye (Tears and turning into Zombies Optional)