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RE-SPRING camp 2023

RE-SPRING camp already reminds of summer: we try to be outside as much as we can, we make sure to spend at least one evening around the campfire and enjoy the longer days in nature!
Starting at 70 EUR
90 EUR for last week registrations
RE-SPRING camp 2023
Early bird price 70 EUR
April 12 - April 15
Ages 11-17
Table of contents


Register for EUR 90 - click HERE.

About the camp

The summer just round the corner, every sunny day reminds us that it is almost here - but you still have one vacation right after Easter, which is a great opportunity to rehearse for summer! If you are 11 - 17 years old, we will be waiting for you at AKS Anykščiai Campsite 2, where we will all spend four days together talking, watching movies, making new friendships and enjoying the upcoming summer! All activities will be conducted in English, Lithuanian and foreign guides will work with the campers.

The most important message about the RE-SPRING camp is this: since it will not be warm enough outside yet, we will not sleep in tents like during summer camps, but in the house, which means that the number of places is limited. About forty people can sleep inside at one time; very very very want 45. So first come first served!

IF YOU WILL CAMP WITH US FOR THE FIRST TIME: be sure to check out the stories of past camps on our Instagram account @anglukalbosstudija and call Aurelia at 8 627 24960 if you have any questions, uncertainties or concerns.


70 EUR (90 EUR last week before the camp), meals included.


Participants come to AKS Campsite 2 (google maps AKS Campsite 2) by themselves. If you do not have a car, write to us, we will try to seat you with one of the participants, but we cannot guarantee that it will be possible.

We look forward to your arrival on April 12 from 18:00, the camp ends on April 15, 13:00 (departure from 12:00).


AKS Camping Site 2 (google maps AKS Stovyklavietė 2), in a heated house with amenities (toilets inside, hot water, electricity). Participants must bring their own bed (mattress, sleeping bag or blanket, socks (several pairs) and beanies will not hurt), we will all sleep in our DIY beds on the floor. It won't be cold inside, but we will also be going outside a lot, so take your outfits seriously.

We sleep in several different spaces, each with at least two camp leaders for supervision.

What to prepare

The most important thing is to arrive at the RE-SPRING camp dressed properly to be outside as much as possible and prepare a comfortable bed for the night to get a good rest (we recommend taking a thicker mattress, ideally not an inflatable one, because the latter sounds terrible when you roll over in your sleep).

How to register

You can register HERE.

Immediately after registration, make a deposit payment of EUR 20 for the camp (it is non-refundable); after receiving the deposit we will send you a confirmation that your place has been successfully reserved.

In the last week before the camp, we will send you the Camp Agreement, a sample of Parents' consent, a list of Rules - you will bring the signed documents to the Camp or you can send scanned e-mails. by mail, a list of items and instructions on how to arrive.

You will pay the remaining amount for the camp by bank transfer immediately before the camp or in cash upon arrival at the camp.

If the camp cannot take place due to Government instructions (pandemic restrictions), all deposits paid will be transferred to future camps of your choice or, at your request, credited to lessons if you attend them at our schools.

We will be happy to answer all questions in any form convenient for you, just ask :)

Preliminary program

The program is a draft (we will send you the exact schedule right before the camp):

Wednesday, April 12:

18:00 Arrival of participants, unpacking, settling in

19:30 Opening circle with hot tea

20:30 Team building activities

21:30 Group sharing activity, reliving your most memorable moments

23:00 Evening circle

Thursday, April 13:

09:00 Wake up

09:30 Breakfast

10:15 Morning circle

11:00 Team building games with the newly arrived ones

12:00 Workshop on Mental Agility and Memory

14:00 Lunch

15:00 Questions and Answers about Resurrection: Truth or Myth

16:00 Surprise Activity!

17:00 Group work

18:30 Dinner and Cleaning time

20:00 Movie and Discussion

22:00 Evening Circle

Friday, April 14:

09:00 Wake up

09:30 Morning circle

10:00 Breakfast

11:00 Photo shoot

12:30 Developing a Story in different genres

14:00 Lunch

15:00 For or Against? Taking sides (all group activity)

16:30 Workshop

17:45 Seminar: Egg as a Symbol in different cultures

19:00 Dinner and Cleaning time

20:30 Evening Hike

22:00 Evening Circle

Saturday, April 15:

09:00 Wake up

09:30 Morning circle

10:00 Breakfast

11:00 Forum Theater (sharing your problems in small groups and later on acting out sketches based on them)

12:00 Cleaning Time

13:00 Good Bye (Tears Optional)

See you right after Easter!