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Capture the most precious moments!


AKS Volunteering in Photography is for those aged 12 - 18 who:

* Dream of becoming great photographers and would love to see how such a job looks in reality

* Love photography and seek practice

* Are creating or updating their portfolio and are looking for a factory of beautiful moments (that would be us here)

You can opt for photography volunteering at an English studio in the following positions:

1. Day camp (autumn, winter, spring or summer) photographer at any branch in Vilnius and Kaunas

2. Harry Potter Weekend Camp Photographer at Žvėrynas Branch in Vilnius or Žaliakalnis Branch in Kaunas

3. Photographer in outbound camps in Anykščiai

4. AKS Event Photographer

5. A photographer of a one-time photo session (you pick the theme)

The best-performing AKS volunteers often receive  job offers in our schools.

Sign up to become an AKS Volunteer HERE.

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