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AKS volunteering in English language teaching is for those aged 15 - 19 who:

* Dream of becoming an English teacher and would like to see what this job looks like in real life

* Love English and, although are not planning on teaching in the future, would still like to try their hand at it

* Speak English well, love children, can interest them easily and find common ground even when not speaking their language

You can choose the following positions for volunteering in Anglų kalbos studija:

1. Day camp (winter, spring, autumn or summer) Group Leader's Assistant

2. Harry Potter Weekend Camp Teacher Assistant

3. Teacher of the selected short group course for adults (up to ten lessons)

The best-performing AKS volunteers often receive job offers in our schools.

Sign up to become an AKS Volunteer HERE.

All questions answered dreamteam@anglustudija.lt.